An Open Letter to Donald Trump


I can put up with a lot. It takes a lot to get me upset or bothered. I don’t like conflict, so although I have opinions, I rarely voice them. (And I’m not naive enough to think they’re always the right ones, anyway.) But I learned something today, thanks to you. Two things in fact.

First, I learned what righteous anger feels like.

Second, I learned that when I feel righteous anger, being silent is not an option.

So I am writing an open letter to you to say this:

I want an apology. A real one.

And then I want to ask you to do something else.


I don’t know if the rules allow it and if it’s complicated and if it wouldn’t really work that way. I don’t care. Surely someone who says “you can do anything” when “you’re a star,” can find a way.

You have disqualified yourself time and time and time again from holding any elected office in this country and I refuse to pretend or let others pretend that you are in any way capable or deserving of the presidency of the United States.

You have consistently shown not just a willful ignorance of people who are at all different from you, but an innate, cruel, chilling, visceral violence towards them. (And towards anyone who disagrees with you.)

You have consistently shown racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, bigoted attitudes and vicious disdain for people, on large scales and small.

You have consistently shown a phenomenal inability to admit fault or show compassion.

You don’t just tell lies. You are a pathological liar. (And let’s be honest. Anyone who thinks Hillary’s lies are as bad as or worse than yours is kidding themselves.)

You don’t just have little quirks. You are irrational and erratic.

You don’t just think highly of yourself. You are a “world-class narcissist.”

These are observable facts to anyone who listens to you speak. They are all major faults in any human being. In someone running for the presidency, they are alarming and beyond dangerous.

Now. Let’s talk more about that tape, shall we, Donald?

Let’s not get in the mud talking about how disgusting it was.

Let’s not get in the weeds about the outrageous egotism it illustrates.

Let’s not get into how much sexual harassment you have been responsible for. (We don’t have anywhere near enough time for that.)

Let’s not even get into the fact that this is the kind of language that encourages sexual assault and other violence against women.

No. Let’s talk about your response when it leaked.

This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course – not even close. I apologize if anyone was offended.

“If”? There is no “if.” I am offended. I am extremely offended. Your statement is not an apology, and don’t claim that it is.

“Locker room banter”? No. When you use language that encourages and perpetuates rape culture and you describe actions that are tantamount to sexual assault, there is no excuse. (Oh, dang it. I said we weren’t going to talk about that. Well, I guess I lied.)

You don’t get to pat yourself on the back because you’re not as bad as Bill (even if it were true). You don’t get to play the “private conversation” card. You don’t get to say “boys will be boys.”

I would say I want you to listen to that recording and then look at my six-year-old niece and tell her why you think you are somehow qualified to be president. Except I don’t want you anywhere near my niece. And I would say “shame on you,” but it’s not nearly powerful enough. I can’t even think of words that are powerful enough. Even saying that your behavior is abhorrent and that I am disgusted by it isn’t strong enough.

I don’t know what else people need to see before they finally understand how dangerous you would be as president.

Donald, let’s be frank about who and what you are.

You are a foulmouthed, bigoted, misogynistic con man and sexual predator who treats people despicably, and you are trying to pull your biggest con on the American people.

Do not pretend to be anything else.

And a note to Hillary: Please. Please win in November. I am scared for my country if you don’t.



Shanelle Sorensen



One thought on “An Open Letter to Donald Trump

  1. You are a foulmouthed, bigoted, misogynistic con man and sexual predator who treats people despicably, and you are trying to pull your biggest con on the American people.” The. Best. Part… of the entire essay. So true and succint. (We’ll have to agree to disagree about Hillary though.) Great article bright eyes!


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